DeFi Saver
Admin access control
DeFi Saver is a management app for decentralized finance positions with a varying level of admin controllable elements depending on the part of the app used.
We would like to highlight three layers of smart contracts that should be distinguished.

1 - User's Smart Wallet (dsproxy)

A Smart Wallet, as referred to in the DeFi Saver app, is nothing else than the standard dsproxy, as used and popularized by MakerDAO and also used by prominent projects such as Balancer and Reflexer.
The dsproxy is created by the user and fully manageable only by the user, with no kind of admin access possible.

2 - Protocol actions smart contracts

These are the smart contracts used by our recipes architecture and utilized by users when using the DeFi Saver interface (application).
While these contracts are for the most part immutable, that isn’t a specifically relevant characteristic, as they can be replaced, in the registry and consequently in the UI, when updating is needed due to adding support for more protocol interactions, optimising gas usage, or other reasons.
All of these contracts have been audited by ConsenSys Diligence and Dedaub, with reports available here.

3 - Automation smart contracts

Current Automation smart contracts are not in any way connected with our new architecture smart contracts, but we included the information here for purposes of easy access.
Automation is a trustless, non-custodial service for management of collateralized debt positions.
The logic for executing user configured actions is contained within Automation smart contracts and user configurations are stored on chain.
Automation contracts are upgradeable, with any upgrades being locked behind a 24h timelock which can be activated by a 2/3 multisig (Admin) with actual upgrades initiable by a different 3/5 multisig (Owner).
For more information about the security of Automation, we recommend visiting our security audit report summary post here.
Automation smart contracts have been audited by Dedaub with the report available here.
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