DeFi Saver
Action that redeems ETH(wrapped) using LUSD with the target price of LUSD = 1$.
if lusdAmount is uint256.max the whole LUSD balance of from will be used.
It's not guaranteed by the protocol that the whole requested amount will be redeemed.


  • uint256 lusdAmount - Amount of LUSD tokens to use for redemtion.
  • address from - Address where to pull the tokens from.
  • address to - Address that will receive the redeemed ETH(wrapped).
  • address firstRedemptionHint
  • address upperPartialRedemptionHint
  • address lowerPartialRedemptionHint
  • uint256 partialRedemptionHintNICR
  • uint256 maxIterations
  • uint256 maxFeePercentage - The highest redemtption fee to accept.
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