DeFi Saver
Action that pays back tokens that the user previously borrowed to the specified Aave V2 market. This is a standard DFS action.
User needs to approve the DSProxy to pull the tokenAddr tokens.
If amount is uint256.max the whole balance of the from address will be pulled, any leftover tokens on the proxy will be returned to the from address.
If the onBehalf address is 0x0, they default to the address of the DSProxy which called the action.


  • address market - Address provider for the specific market.
  • address tokenAddr - The address of the token being paid back.
  • uint256 amount - Amount of tokens being paid back.
  • uint256 rateMode - Send 1 for stable and 2 for variable borrow rate.
  • address from - Address from which the tokens are being pulled for payback.
  • address onBehalf - Address for which the debt is being paid back, defaults to proxy.
Last modified 8mo ago
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