Safe Module Auth

This contract receives the user's Safe permission to perform actions on their behalf.

Each user that has their positions managed by a Safe wallet, is permitting other contracts to perform actions on their behalf. In Defi Saver the SafeModuleAuth contract receives that permission.

Due to having permission for users' wallets, SafeModuleAuth is an immutable contract

The SafeModuleAuth has only one function callExecute which is only callable by the StrategyExecutor contract. The function calls the users Safe and performs the configured actions. This allows for the rest of the system to change while keeping the safe permission in a fixed contract.

Below is the interface of the contract:

contract SafeModuleAuth {
    function callExecute(
        address _safeAddr,
        address _recipeExecutorAddr,
        bytes memory _callData
    ) external payable onlyExecutor notPaused;

callExecute function has notPaused modifier which can be used to pause the system of strategy execution in the case of unexpected behaviour

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