Sub Storage

Storage of users subscriptions to strategies/bundles

Users can subscribe to different strategies by providing their specific data and giving the necessary authorizations. SubStorage contract keeps track of all the users' subscriptions and provides ways for users to edit their subscriptions.

In order to save on gas costs, the whole user subscription struct is not stored on chain. A hash is stored, user wallet address, and if the subscription is enabled.

The stored struct on SubStorage contract is StoredSubData and it's stored in an array. There is no way to change the ordering of the array and delete elements.

/// @dev Actual data of the sub we store on-chain
/// @dev In order to save on gas we store a keccak256(StrategySub) and verify later on
/// @param userProxy Address of the users smart wallet/proxy
/// @param isEnabled Toggle if the subscription is active
/// @param strategySubHash Hash of the StrategySub data the user inputted
struct StoredSubData {
    bytes20 userProxy; // address but put in bytes20 for gas savings
    bool isEnabled;
    bytes32 strategySubHash;

The struct that is sent as calldata and hashed is:

/// @dev Instance of a strategy, user supplied data
/// @param id Id of the strategy or bundle, depending on the isBundle bool
/// @param isBundle If true the id points to bundle, if false points directly to strategyId
/// @param triggerData User supplied data needed for checking trigger conditions
/// @param subData User supplied data used in recipe
struct StrategySub {
    uint64 id;
    bool isBundle;
    bytes[] triggerData;
    bytes32[] subData;

Below is the interface of the contract:

contract SubStorage {
    /// @notice Adds users info and records StoredSubData, logs StrategySub
    /// @dev To save on gas we don't store the whole struct but rather the hash of the struct
    /// @param _sub Subscription struct of the user (is not stored on chain, only the hash)
    function subscribeToStrategy(
        StrategySub memory _sub
    ) public isValidId(, _sub.isBundle) returns (uint256);
    /// @notice Updates the users subscription data
    /// @dev Only callable by proxy who created the sub.
    /// @param _subId Id of the subscription to update
    /// @param _sub Subscription struct of the user (needs whole struct so we can hash it)
    function updateSubData(
        uint256 _subId,
        StrategySub calldata _sub
    ) public onlySubOwner(_subId) isValidId(, _sub.isBundle);
    /// @notice Enables the subscription for execution if disabled
    /// @dev Must own the sub. to be able to enable it
    /// @param _subId Id of subscription to enable
    function activateSub(
        uint _subId
    ) public onlySubOwner(_subId);
    /// @notice Disables the subscription (will not be able to execute the strategy for the user)
    /// @dev Must own the sub. to be able to disable it
    /// @param _subId Id of subscription to disable
    function deactivateSub(
        uint _subId
    ) public onlySubOwner(_subId);
    ///////////////////// VIEW ONLY FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////
    function getSub(uint _subId) public view returns (StoredSubData memory);
    function getSubsCount() public view returns (uint256);

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