DeFi Saver
Action that deposits an entry asset and withdraws an exit asset from mStable, in the direction opposite that of MStableDeposit.
User needs to approve the DSProxy to pull the entry asset, unless the entry asset is imAssetVault which is non-transferable.
  • address bAsset - base asset address
  • address mAsset - the corresponding meta asset
  • address saveAddress - save contract address for the mAsset (imAsset address)
  • address vaultAddress - vault contract address for the imAsset (imAssetVault address)
  • address from - address from where to pull the entry asset
  • address to - address that will receive the exit asset
  • uint256 amount - amount of entry asset to deposit
  • uint256 minOut - minimum amount of bAsset to accept (if exit asset is base asset)
  • AssetPair assetPair - exit and entry asset pair enum
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