DeFi Saver
FL Balancer
Action that gets and receives a flash loan from the Balancer Vault.
Multiple assets can be borrowed and repaid in the same flash loan.
Inputs are not parsed as the FL action is always the first action and there are no return values before this action.
Asset borrow limit is determined by the asset balance of the Vault.


  • address[] tokens - Array of tokens being flash loaned.
  • uint256[] amounts - Array of amounts being flash loaned.
  • address flParamGetterAddr - Address of an on chain contract that can change (amount, token) while calling the action. If it's an empty address it will not be called.
  • bytes flParamGetterData - Data that will be supplied to flParamGetter contract.
  • {} - An extra empty parameter (explained why it's needed in the Flash loans section)
The return of the flashloan action is the amount[0] + fee[0] as we can only return one value from the action.
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